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Your Songs, My Reactions Vol. 2 – Recap

Check out my reaction to all of the talent listed below!

In the second installment of “Your Songs, My Reactions”, I took a look at four different artists that provided a great listen from start to finish!


Fly By Midnight ft. Carly Paige – “I Feel It”

The first single covered was a beautiful, retro-pop single, complete with a gorgeous video to match, from the duo known as Fly By Midnight. Accompanied by vocalist Carly Paige, the track bursts with energy and is composed flawlessly. Soft chords, vocal stabs, chill electronics to give off a wonderful vibe to the track. If you need a great pick-me-up track, this track is everything you need and more.


Arthur Duncan Wood – Hollow Shells

The debut album from Arthur Duncan Wood is a conceptual listen with witty lines, abstract production, and an underlying message carried across the duration of the album. Certain songs showcase his lyrical style, while other songs have Wood challenging the listener to take a closer look at the way things are in life, (e.g. Instagram, politics, society). Wood is looking to start off 2019 strong, and having dropped a full body of work in the first month of the new year, he’s certainly on the right track.


Opposites Attract – Lights

On the debut album from Opposites Attract, the experimentation and inspiration takes the lead and delivers an album with a lot of promise. Sure, there are areas of the album to improve, but all that comes with experience, as the saying goes “everything gets better with time”. Drawing on the influence of twenty one pilots’ frontman Tyler Joseph, the production centers around an alternative sound fused with other elements. Everyone has to start from somewhere, so it’ll be interesting to see what Opposites Attract does next.


STRACT – Legend Has It

STRACT is an up-and-coming MC who’s is fully on his own vibe and excels in every way in showing what he brings to the table. Most artists in the San Fernando Valley area are going for the classic West Coast feel, or the new SoundCloud rap style, but STRACT is following more of a Boom Bap path, and he’s got the lyricism to match it. The 90’s feel of the mixtape from start to finish goes perfectly with STRACT’s strong delivery. Some artists struggle with trying to go hard without sounding like a battle rapper, but luckily for STRACT, that’s not the case. He is currently working on an album, and with this first mixtape as a starting point, it’s not wrong to assume the album will be great.