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One on One with OCTAVIO

Grab OC’s latest hit single “Love Me Please” right here!!:


Music speaks to everyone in different ways. For some, hardships bring out the creative nature. For others, inspiration to write can come to them by just walking down the street, but for OCTAVIO, his boredom helped him write bars. Born in Mexico and being from Louisville, Kentucky, OCTAVIO has gone about everything with a chill attitude and smile on his face. One summer in particular, in the midst of looking for something to do, he picked up a pen, found some paper, and just started writing. On day 1 he was already showing his music to his peers, and while his brother just passed it off as nothing, a friend of his pushed him to lay it down. From there, time passed, and he continued to hone his craft. Eventually, he met his friend Danny Berrios who saw something in him, and shortly after, his following began to grow. With original hits to his name like “Karma”, “Life2Live”, and “4LETTERWORD”, and a beautifully controlled tone of voice, OCTAVIO is already shaping up to be a household name. His latest single, is change of pace, but is a another showcase of his genuine talent. On “Love Me Please”, he sings of wanting to be the apple of one’s eye. Gorgeously written and with the jazz-like, swelling production, this is the Valentine’s Day anthem you didn’t know you needed. OCTAVIO’s only just begun, but is blazing a path with full momentum. It’s going to be exciting to see what he does next.