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One on One with OCTAVIO

Grab OC’s latest hit single “Love Me Please” right here!!:   Music speaks to everyone in different ways. For some, hardships bring out the creative nature. For others, inspiration to write can come to them by just walking down the street, but for OCTAVIO, his boredom helped him write bars. Born in Mexico and being […]

Your Songs, My Reactions Vol. 2 – Recap

Check out my reaction to all of the talent listed below! In the second installment of “Your Songs, My Reactions”, I took a look at four different artists that provided a great listen from start to finish!   Fly By Midnight ft. Carly Paige – “I Feel It” The first single covered was a beautiful, […]


EPISODE 40: John Ranada – A T L A S Reaction


Grab Souleaux's project 1Eleven right here!!: https://itun.es/us/Havtib The San Fernando Valley is dripping with artists. Some who only want plays on SoundCloud for "clout", and others who have a purpose to their music and a message to spread. Souleaux is more than just a cleverly spelled stage name and he is not your run-of-the-mill kind of artist. [...]

EPISODE 41: Neem

Check out the latest from Neem right here!!: It’s always a joy to see your friends succeed at their dreams. Having worked with both Neem and Jyln Jml in the past, taking a step back and seeing them continue to pursue music and grow in creativity, is a true joy. “Cold Play” is the new […]