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EPISODE 7: Young Thug – Jeffrey Reaction

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Never one to follow guidelines, the cover art of Young Thug’s JEFFREY alone is a topic of discussion. Posing in a sun hat and a blue dress, it’s almost the perfect indicator that this mixtape will consist of various proportions, most of which that will show a different side to Thugger. The 10 track mixtape is full of features and heavy hitting production. With the song titles all being named after people that are inspiring, as explained by Thugger himself, each song has its own story and gives the listener its own respective vibe. Fans of the acclaimed Slime Season series might feel indifferent towards this project as it is a detour from the familiar style that his core is used to. While Thug stretches his vocals and explores more ambitious delivery, it hits on some tracks and misses on others. This is another stepping stone in the journey to Thug’s long-awaited and heavily delayed debut album Hy!£UN35. With help from the likes of Gucci Mane, Quavo, and Wyclef Jean, to nam a few, JEFFREY will leave a mark on new listeners of what Thug brings to the table, but for the diehards and core fans, this might be a tape they skip.