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EPISODE 46: Kehlani – SweetSexySavage Album Reaction

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Kehlani Parrish is a name not known by many before, but with the release of her debut album SweetSexySavage, Kehlani Parrish is a name that will now be known by all. Being another artist coming out of Oakland, CA, the vibe of her music already comes with a comfortable, danceable tone. Coming off the heels of her debut commercial mixtape You Should Be Here, and setting the Suicide Squad soundtrack on fire with her hit single “Gangsta“, SweetSexySavage is the makings of R&B’s next big act. Bringing the title of the album to fruition through the duration of the listen, Kehlani is one of few artists to display their alter-egos on a project with fluidity and in a creative manner that keeps the attention of the listener from start to finish. Shades of classic and current R&B are present all over the album, resulting in a refreshing and memorable debut. You get the essence of Kehlani’s Sweet side with songs like “Get Like”, “Escape”, and “In My Feelings”, she brings her Sexy alter-ego to life through smooth songs like “Everything Is Yours”, “Distraction”, and “I Wanna Be”, and she tops off her 3 sided showcase by giving you the Savage side in songs like the lead single “CRZY”, “Too Much”, and “Do U Dirty”. If you’ve been sleeping on Kehlani’s rise in R&B, this debut is sure to permanently change your sleeping habits.