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EPISODE 42: August Alsina – Drugs Reaction

Buy August Alsina’s “Drugs” right here: http://amzn.to/2mrnB0b

August Alsina’s in an interesting spot in his career at the moment. He’s still got his foot in the door, but he’s definitely not in the same position he was in when the remix to his hit single “I Luv This Sh**” dropped featuring Chris Brown and Trey Songz. After his second album This Thing Called Life came out back in late 2015, with no big singles and performed poorer than his first album, it was a wonder to see what would be his next move. R&B is an intricate genre to stay on top of. Few artists have been able to keep themselves relevant and significant in the genre and they are recognized as elites. Wether or not we’ll be including August in that conversation remains to be seen. On his single “Drugs” August sings about being hooked on his love interest’s advances like hardcore drugs. While the production is very sensual and soothing, nothing really pops off and the track feels like a throwaway. The subject matter is pretty familiar as well and nothing about the writing jumps off as innovative or newly intriguing. While “Drugs” isn’t the comeback single many August hopefuls wanted, Alsina’s still got some stature in the game.