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EPISODE 41: Neem

Check out the latest from Neem right here!!:

It’s always a joy to see your friends succeed at their dreams. Having worked with both Neem and Jyln Jml in the past, taking a step back and seeing them continue to pursue music and grow in creativity, is a true joy. “Cold Play” is the new collaborative drop from two of the finest MC’s from the SFV. Neem attacks the beat off the bat with purpose. Lyrical prowess has never been an issue for Neem. You can refer to his masterful remix of Lil Wayne’s MONSTER hit “6 Foot 7 Foot” if you need reassuring. Following his lead, the always creative Jyln Jml steps in and proceeds to kill the beat further. With his unique delivery and clever wordplay, it’s no wonder why this collab “flowed” so smoothly (Pun intended). These two have always had a different outlook on the way things are and have never strayed from their own paths. The fact that they’ve crossed them so frequently and still continue to move their own ways is astounding. Furthermore to that point, they have both recently released new projects that are riveting listens. San Fernando Valley is full of a lot of local talent, so don’t be surprised if somewhere down the line, you see either of these artists doing something major. Full confidence and support to these two.