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EPISODE 38: Tory Lanez / The New Toronto 2 Reaction

Download The New Toronto 2 right here!!:

Fueled with the innate desire to achieve greatness Toronto’s own Tory Lanez drops two mixtape on the same day. Chixtape 4, which is the fourth installment of his Chixtape series, which is more R&B oriented for his female fan base, but maintains a banger ratio that’s fair enough for the male fans to enjoy as well. On The New Toronto 2, Tory is back in his element of putting on for his city better than his competition, namely someone else that is very familiar with the Views of Toronto. The mixtape is split in energy as it plays to all of Tory’s strengths in his chosen sound. With smooth cuts like “Bartenders & Spenders”, hype hits like “DopeMan Go”, and passionate delivery like on the mixtape’s strongest track “Wraith Talk”, Tory keeps his prowess strong, and makes his message known. His time is now, and he’s not giving up his opportunity for anyone. It’s a new day for the new guys of the game and Tory is stepping up to take the leadership role in coming in and eclipsing the way things are for the bigger artists at the top currently. Tory’s tenacity is his most notable feature about his music because he’s still just as hungry as ever.


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