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EPISODE 28: J. Cole – 4 Your Eyez Only Album Reaction

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Storytelling is quickly becoming a lost art in today’s current wave of Hip-Hop music. The talent to create a plot and send a message to the listeners through lyrics, syncopation, and do it all over dope production, which in this case, was done and handled by the artist, requires true dedication to the game and a true love for Hip-Hop culture. Thankfully, you get all that and more with artists like J. Cole. On his fourth album 4 Your Eyez Only, Cole is back in the spotlight with a riveting new album. Despite its 10-track format, it is Cole’s most telling, prolific work to date. The story that exists through the lyrics entail a very open book of the parallel lifestyles of Cole and an old friend of his, that soon took their respective turns, in turn changing the perspective of the narrative of the album. Eyez shows Cole in his top form, with his next level lyricism and his well known work ethic applied to the overall sound and impact of the album, it’s no wonder why he is the voice for today’s Hip-Hop audience that won’t easily be ignored and demeaned, but instead, he’ll actually get people thinking, keep people interested, and most of all inspire people to do more and be better.