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EPISODE 25: Lady Gaga – Joanne Album Reaction

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Reinvention is rarely seen from artists these days, and it’s even rarer to see it done successfully, however, a decade into her career, the superstar that is Lady Gaga has once again redefined her artistry. Dedicated to her late aunt, Joanne is a soul-searching, emotional, triumphant body of work. The personal touch from Gaga is the most notable and strongest element of the album. A creative departure from her previous albums, the production ranges from soft-rock, country, retro-vibes, and delivers an overall fresh and organic sound. Gaga’s writing is at its highest level on the album and her vocal delivery is bold and expressive. She’s at her most frivolous on songs like “A-YO”, “Perfect Illusion”, and the Florence Welsh collaboration “Hey Girl”. She gives her fans her all in songs like “Angel Down”, the hit ballad “Million Reasons” and the album’s title track. While it may not be as energetic as her debut album The Fame, as grabbing as The Fame Monster, or as vibrant as ARTPOPJoanne exists as the most definitive addition to Gaga’s incredible discography to date. The Pop genre unfortunately has many flash in the pan artists that pop off once and fail to achieve further success and those that deemed that fate for Gaga back in 2008 are now silent and regretful.