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EPISODE 22: The Game – 1992 Album Reaction

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Quality Hip-Hop is a sore subject these days. While the general audience, for the most part, is very open to change and is embracing “The New Wave”, the Hip Hop Heads are pretty much anti everything new. While the debate on what’s real and what isn’t, in terms of Hip-Hop, may go on until the end of time, there’s no questioning the material from the living legends of the genres. Legends like Dre, Snoop, and of course, The Game. On his eighth studio album, further adding to his already impressive discography, 1992 is a prominent release from one of Hip-Hop’s most ruthless MC’s. Switching up and resurfacing his signature flow of production handled by Nigerian producer Bongo, Scott Storch, and Cool & Dre, among others, Game shows that he hasn’t lost a step and can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the game, relevant or on the come up, and school them on how to spit quality bars. The Meek Mill diss track “92 Bars” is lyrically savage, while the reminiscent cleverness shown in the lyrics of “Baby You”, which features a memorable feature from singer Jason Derulo, makes the track a major highlight from an album full of phenomenal production, top notch tracks, and quality content.

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