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EPISODE 18: Danny Brown Really Doe

Get Danny Brown’s Really Doe here!!: http://amzn.to/2liBFEh 

Hip Hop collaborations used to bring pure excitement and be held in the highest regards. Wether it was a duo, a trio, or a massive group of MC’s all together on ONE track, the sole knowledge of great individuals working together was riveting. When Nas linked with Lauryn Hill and gave us “If I Ruled the World”, When the legendary Tupac Shakur collaborated with the one-and-only Snoop Dogg and gave us “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”, Craig Mack’s classic remix of his hit “Flava In Ya Ear” featured LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Rampage, Diddy, AND the iconic Notorious B.I.G., resulting in one of the best remixes ever. There’s one collaboration, however, that arguably set the bar for all collaborations that followed, and that group effort was A$AP Rocky’s “F**kin’ Problems” featuring Drake, Kendrick Lamar, AND 2 Chainz, who delivered a most memorable hook. Despite the numerous collaborations that have been released in recent years, nothing has really had the same impact or garnered the same excitement or reaction as the aforementioned singles, but Danny Brown’s “Really Doe” just might be the one to turn some heads again. With a star studded line up including Kendrick Lamar, who provides both a hook and a verse, Ab-Soul, who unleashes a verbal onslaught on the beat, and Earl Sweatshirt, who closes the track with a superb verse, “Really Doe” is one of the purest Hip Hop tracks in existence. While Danny might not get the same attention as A$AP, any fan of music won’t be able to ignore the vintage style production, the haunting melody, and the endless barrage of BARS in this collaboration.