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SKINS is available everywhere.


The death of XXXTENTACION is still very hard to process. A prominent figure in music, a source of controversy, and a young soul that followed his own path. While known for his highly public domestic abuse allegations, he was also talented to the core. He always requested people to be open in listening to what he had to share, as he himself, was open to various genres of music. This first posthumous release SKINS, is a very short collection of music recorded while X was still alive, and unfortunately isn’t as memorable as his debut album 17. It takes the same risks with the sound like his sophomore album ?, but the 20 minute runtime, and duration of almost all of the songs doesn’t make for much of an enjoyable listen. Most of the songs are either over before they really come alive, or are just vocals with a hook. It’s truly sad hearing what could’ve been. Tracks like “whoa (mind in awe)” and the interlude titled “difference” are shining moments for the album. His lyrical prowess and story-telling ability is shown on the chilling track “train food” and the album’s closer “what are you so afraid of” is a great listen, but due to the unfinished nature of the album, it feels like more of a professional studio demo than a posthumous project from such a polarizing artist. Apparently there is more unreleased music on the way, which should please fans that are still in mourning, but the topic of letting X rest in peace has been circulating throughout social media. SKINS may not have done anything for anyone else except his fans that miss him dearly, and that’s okay. Music is an outlet we all use to cope with hardships. Hopefully the music helped anyone that needed to hear it. To have your son, brother, and friend taken away in such a malicious manner is a horrible tragedy, so best wishes go out to family and friends. May time help you heal.