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EPISODE 175: The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Album Review

Get A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships here!: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-brief-inquiry-into-online-relationships/1435546528

The 1975 have been around for more than a minute and have countless hits to their name. They’re one of the few bands that have been able to grow with the times and shape their sound while retaining their musical identity. Whenever you think you’re hearing them, you’re right, and whenever you hear Matty’s voice over the music, there’s no doubt in your mind that it’s his voice. It’s safe to say they had a wave of momentum going into this third studio album, but off a first listen, it’s hard to say if they capitalized on it. Dropping off the high energy singles “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME”, “Give Yourself a Try”, “Love It If We Made It”, “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”, and the excellent “Sincerity Is Scary”, the impression going into the album is that, that same feeling is going to be a consistent feeling for the musicality. However, the band takes a different direction and really delves into the soul, writing, and meaning of their records. The singles still feel like they belong on the record, but the entire project is completely diverse. From slow, jazzy salads like “Mine”, to the trap-crossover banger “I Like America & America Likes Me”, they show that the element of surprise is once again in their favor. It’s a perfect pocket to be in when you’re known for a sound, but that sound isn’t boring to hear. Producers like Pharrell Williams have that same trait. A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is definitely an album for the times, and an album that requires full attention to really process. It leaves an impression, it makes you feel every emotion in the book, and it’s a strong reminder of why this band is as big as they are.