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EPISODE 173: 6ix9ine – DUMMY BOY Album Review

Get DUMMY BOY here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dummy-boy/1444781664

The rise of SoundCloud Rappers created a lane for pretty much anyone to make a splash in Hip-Hop. Today’s mainstream audience is very similar to that of a WWE crowd; the wilder the gimmick, the more they pay attention to you. There are rappers that are claiming to have cloned themselves, others claiming to be Harvard dropouts, but there’s one specific name that’s been brought up so frequently for musical and controversial purposes. Tekashi 6ix9ine, the self-proclaimed King of New York, has dropped off his debut album DUMMY BOY under some pretty dire circumstances. Known for his outrageous persona, 6ix9ine is pretty famous for running his mouth, both on his records and in the streets. Since the release of his breakout single “GUMMO” he’s been making enemies left and right, and unfortunately, his antics caught up with him and he is currently facing a possible life sentence in prison. On top of his current legal situation, his album also leaked onto the internet. A subsequent official release came a few days later, but the anticipation had already fizzled as people had already thought they were no longer getting the album after the first release date was soon negated.

Along with the disjointed release, DUMMY BOY doesn’t do anything to help solidify 6ix9ine’s name. These moments in succession are eerily similar to how Bobby Shmurda’s rise and fall; release some of the hottest music ever, drop a major project, legal controversy. 6ix9ine’s distinctive delivery makes you pay attention to the album, but there’s hardly anything memorable or catchy to quote on here. The Nicki Minaj and Kanye West assisted jam “MAMA” is one of the few shining moments on the album. Nicki is also featured on the platinum single “FEFE” produced by Murda Beatz. The production on the album is sure to have people going crazy at the club, but it has little-to-no-staying power. The gimmick has worn out, what he’s currently facing is more than serious, and for now, the trolling / meme friendly behavior is on hold. DUMMY BOY might disappoint fans, and it won’t hook the general listener, but there is some appeal to it nonetheless. One has to wonder what’s going through 6ix9ine’s mind as his bad luck continues to plague and follow him. For his sake, and his fans, hopefully he can find a way to rekindle that attention he had for making a splash in Hip-Hop last year.