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EPISODE 172: Tory Lanez vs Joyner Lucas

2018 hasn’t been a great year for Hip-Hop beef. Everything either ends up as a “draw”, nothing happens at all, or all of the “beefing” is done via social media captions. For such a popular part of Hip-Hop culture, it’s safe to say, it got a fair bit of mistreatment this year. That is, until, two of Hip-Hop’s most formidable artists decided to go at each other for a little!

Tory Lanez, hot off the heels of his fantastic album LoVE me NOw, was talking to his fans on Instagram Live, where he started going off about taking on all comers. The fans responded with both enthusiasm and curiosity, as the they started throwing out names for Tory to go against. When the mention of MC Joyner Lucas came up, he boldly stated that he would win against him no doubt. Joyner quickly got word of this, extended the challenge to Tory, and he accepted.

Four tracks, two from each men, and they both went all the way off on each other, but not with malicious intent. The same venom shared between Drake and Pusha T was nowhere to be found for these two artists. On Joyner’s “Litty Freestyle” he even mentions doing a record with Tory. Joyner released freestyles over the track “Litty”, which is a Meek Mill song that features Tory on the hook, and the blazing new track from Kodak “ZEZE” all getting at Tory in humorous and lyrical ways, but Tory held his composure and came out SWINGING from start to finish. Rapping over “Litty” as well, and the Joyner assisted Eminem track “Lucky You”, Tory showcases his skill in rapping, claiming that he can do that in his sleep. The battle raged on and gave us both good tracks to talk about. If they do decide to make music after all of this, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a great record.