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EPISODE 170: Muse – Simulation Theory Album Review

Muse has always been in a lane all their own and haven’t really been subjected to the infamous “you sold out” attitude so many other bands face the wrath of throughout their careers. They’ve been able to create freely, comfortably, and flexibly. Their fans have allowed them to grow and experiment and the band has greatly benefitted from it. Of course not every one is going to love what gets released, but it seems like the attitude given to Muse releases is always more mature than other bands. On their latest album¬†Simulation Theory, the listener is transported back to the 80’s in totally groovy fashion. There are tracks that sound like they have Daft Punk influence incorporated, while others have a Blondie, or Prince-like feel. Collaborating with the artist behind Stranger Things, the album is already notable. It’s like if Tron came along and they did some weird spin off, but with a phenomenal soundtrack. The best thing about the album, however, is that you still know this is a Muse album. Sure, there’s an obvious theme and feel they’re trying to convey to the listeners, but they also reaffirm their musical strengths and creativity throughout the album’s duration, which hard to maintain from album to album. This may be a new album, but it’s still the Muse that people know and love.