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EPISODE 169: Imagine Dragons – Origins Album Review

There was a time when Imagine Dragons had audiences by the throat. They delivered passionate performances and they dominated the radio so much, it was hard to assume they weren’t everywhere at once. Over time, the music became both more successful and polarizing, and their previous album Evolve was a prime example of that. Wasting no time and following up that album with an entirely new release, Dan and his fellow Dragons are back with Origins. The booming single “Natural” sets up the fourth studio release from the band to be an energetic, melodic journey. Sadly, the music becomes dull and unenjoyable very quickly. Frequent collaborator Alex Da Kid also returned to produce a number of tracks for the album, but this time around it was a much bigger hindrance to the overall feel for the music. Although he produced the hit single “Thunder” for the previous album, he also produced the clunky sounding “Machine”, the lackluster “Bullet In a Gun”, and the messily arranged “Digital”. The lack of cohesion becomes more apparent as the album goes on. All that, mixed with the lifeless impression the album leaves, all adds up to a very forgettable addition to the Imagine Dragons discography. Everything feels rushed, like they’re trying to remain on top of a spot that isn’t hotly contested right now. This mixed reception from fans and critics alike should tell the group that taking their time to create is never a crime. Origins isn’t a memorable release for Imagine Dragons, but due to their loyal fan base, it may be another commercial success they can add to their growing list.


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