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EPISODE 168: Jon Bellion – Glory Sound Prep Album Review

Jon Bellion has developed a bit of a “People’s Champ” demeanor over his career. He’s garnered a formidable fanbase, he continues to write for the biggest names in music, and his authenticity remains his strongest attribute. Returning with his second studio album Glory Sound Prep, Bellion shifts focus from energy to feeling. Much like the singles “Stupid Deep” and “Conversations With My Wife” the production and pacing of the album is very slow and emotional. That authentic touch is still present throughout the sophomore project, however, the album ultimately leaves an underwhelming impression. Some of the choices in production feel cluttered and messy, songs like “Couples Retreat” don’t showcase Bellion’s talents when it comes to his pen game, and unfortunately, these songs don’t pack the same punch that was present in tracks from its predecessor The Human Condition. One of the shining moments on the album comes from the track “Adult Swim” where Bellion delivers some impressive lyricism accompanied by voice actor Christopher Sabat, who is the iconic voice of the Dragon Ball Z character Piccolo. Despite some other great guest features on the album like Quincy Jones, Will Smith, and the Wu Tang Clan’s RZA, Glory Sound Prep doesn’t have the same lasting power as Bellion’s debut album. On the bright side, this isn’t another case of the dreaded sophomore slump. This album might please the diehards much more than the casual listeners, but Bellion is more than capable of producing hits and putting them together on a project. Third time’s the charm, and maybe that third album will be that moment Jon captures lightning in a bottle again.


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