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EPISODE 165: twenty one pilots – Trench Album Review

Get Trench right here!: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trench/1422828208

Three years after releasing their 4th studio album Blurryface, and following a year-long hiatus that sent their fandom in a frenzy, everyone’s favorite pilots Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, have returned with the highly anticipated release titled Trench. The album is crafted as a concept project with an entire narrative to go along with the soundtrack. The visuals are great aids in telling the story for the universe Tyler and Josh have welcomed you into. With an updated logo, a fresh idea, and yellow as the new go-to-color, Trench was full of surprises both off and on the album.

Unlike the albums before it, Trench is cohesive from start to finish and so expertly made. It’s a direct indicator of how far these two have come. Their sound is refined and perfected. Josh and Tyler both have various contributions to the album, adding another element of why the album is so special. They sound more sure of their choices in music than ever before and they are more daring with their lyrics. Heavy tracks on the album like “Neon Gravestones” and “Leave the City” really lay into the listener with seriousness, but the album also has great fun songs, such as, “Morph”, “Levitate”, and “Pet Cheetah”. Overall, the band is happy, the fans seem to be happy, and this can only lead to bigger and better things for twenty one pilots. It may be battling the no. 1 chart on iTunes, but their album is No. 1 somewhere else. Happy to see the pilots back in beast mode. Trench really is almost flawless , from it’s pleasing sound, to its interesting story, the pilots are flying pretty high right about now.


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