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EPISODE 14: Britney Spears – Glory Deluxe Reaction

Get the DELUXE version of Glory here!!: http://amzn.to/2mET9Me

Aptly titled for one of Pop’s biggest stars ever, Glory is a statement making album, showcasing effort, improvement, and devotion. Britney Spears has often been the source of criticism in regards to her vocal performances on her albums, but this release puts the doubt of her vocal ability in check, as Spears hits the production fiercely and throughout the album never losing determination in her tone. The album is the 9th addition to Spears’ discography and is arguably the most memorable since 2007’s Blackout. Pushed with the lead single “Make Me…” featuring the unstoppable G-Eazy, sets up listeners for a rejuvenating Britney Spears experience. Catchy, edgy tracks like “Love Me Down” are top notch highlights of the album. The electronic, bass-filled production brings about a new energy for Spears’ music. Stripped down tracks like “Hard to Forget Ya“, “Just Like Me”, and “Invitation” show a more creative side of Spears in general. Rounded off with fun, club tracks like “Better”, “Mood Ring”, “Just Luv Me”, and “Man On the Moon”, all result in an efficient album that the #BritneyArmy and regular listeners alike can all enjoy out of appreciation and love for quality music from one of Pop’s biggest icons.


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