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EPISODE 10: C. Venus – Secrets of the Flytrap Reaction

Download C. Venus’ mixtape right here!!:

Suggested by the fans, a visceral project full or promises and prowess. C. Venus is an up-and-coming artist hailing from the “Flytrap”. On his project Secrets of the Flytrap, a broad presentation of lyricism, versatility, and humor is brought to the listener. There are lines that make you seriously attempt to piece them together for the full meaning, and there are features on there that keep the listen invigorating from start to finish. The brash delivery of Venus is impressive and a big strength in his approach to music. He roars over the production of tracks like “Oligopoly” in such a rhythmic manner, it’s impossible to deny while listening to it. The change of topic and pace is also introduced well throughout the listen, keeping his project interesting to continue listening to. Also notable, despite not being a household name, the support garnered from people that listen and love his music is not to be denied. In a sense, Venus has his own wave that he plans to turn into ‘tidal’ like proportions. With his witty lines, grabbing production, ferocious delivery, and a strong fanbase, time will tell how long it’ll be before a tour coming to your town features C. Venus on the bill.