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EPISODE 1: 2 Chainz – Daniel Son; Necklace Don Reaction

Grab Daniel Son; Necklace Don right here:

Atlanta’s rap scene has been prominent as of late. The dominance of Migos is nothing to overlook, Future’s burst in popularity has resulted in numerous anthems and hits for him, and of course, other artists have followed suit and kept this trend going. This project however, might be one bump in the road for Mr. Tity 2 Necklace. 2 Chainz’s latest project Daniel Son; Necklace Don has enough to give the die-hard fans what they’ve been waiting for in regards to new music. There’s a few bangers on here that is sure to make cars rattle and the clubs go crazy. Most notable, another collaboration from Chainz and Drake titled “Big Amount”. Reminiscent of their 2012 hit single “No Lie”, the duo is back at it dropping quotable lyrics and hot bars over a smooth beat produced by Buddah Bless. Despite all the hype that drives most of the project, it isn’t too memorable as far as 2 Chainz releases go. His first album rang out through the entire duration of 2012 and into 2013. It even remained relevant after he dropped his second album that was the sequel to his first. Unlike most artists that start out red hot, Chainz can afford this setback, as his fanbase is strong and his capabilities as an artist has yet to come into question. This project would later lead on to another similarly themed project and ultimately his newest album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.